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Member Benefits

Membership in the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber provides a number of benefits that will serve many of your business needs.

With Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber membership, you and your employees may be eligible for health insurance (most plans do not include an administrative fee).

Build your prospect base through networking in our business referral groups, business-to-business exchange events, councils and other opportunities.

Cost saving benefits and member-to-member discounts offer significant savings on products and services your business uses every day such as electricity, mobile phones, newspapers, shipping, help wanted ads and many others. Services such as identity theft protection, credit and debit card processing and human resources consulting are also available through your Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber membership.

Our councils – some geared toward specific business types such as solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofit organizations – also support events and programs that provide useful tips in operating a business, managing your staff, marketing your services and other ways to run your business effectively.

If you need to get the word out about your company, there is no better place than the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber. With 2,500 members employing more than 110,000 workers, advertising in a Chamber online or print publication or sponsoring one of our events will put you in front of key decision makers in the region’s business community.

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